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Mold Remediation

Mold is often the largest problem when a home or business has had prolonged water damage. Mold can create an enormous amount of damage if not treated promptly. The trained professionals at C-TECH Restoration are equipped to remove your mold professionally and safely. While mold occurs naturally in most environments, an abnormal amount of moisture can cause excessive growth as well as an increased health risk. Great care must be taken in the process of microbial remediation, and without proper education and training the probability of further contamination and damage increases. We are knowledgeable in the proper procedures, tools and equipment to use in this delicate process. It is essential that technicians working in a contaminated environment be fully aware of the necessary steps to protect the contaminated dwelling and its occupants. C-TECH Restoration provides a full service mold remediation to create a healthy living environment. You can trust your home or business will be taken care of promptly and completely.

If you suspect that your home or business has a mold issue, C-Tech restoration can help. A trained remediation expert will assess your property and provide you with a detailed project plan of remediation procedures as well as an estimate of the costs.

A professional inspection conducted by C-Tech Restoration will provide you with an understanding of any mold issues and their solutions so that you will have all of the facts needed to make a sound, informed decision.

Inspections fees are based on the size of the property and any additional services requested. Please call our office at (308) 237-3415 for more information.

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